Breaker Panel Upgrades and Surge Protection Install

Breaker panels and surge protection

We can make replacing your outdated or unsafe breaker panel a painless experience. The breakers in the panel keep our homes and businesses safe. Panels should be checked periodically for signs of failure due to loose wiring and breaker connections. Some panels have actually been recalled and should be replaced immediately because they pose a risk of overheating wires and causing fires. A new panel allows consumers to protect themselves with more levels of safety than they currently have, like AFCI and GFCI breakers. AFCI breakers detect low level arcing that is a leading cause of fires. This type of arcing will not trip a typical breaker so it could go undetected. GFCI breakers should be installed for circuits that are used near sources of water to prevent electrical shock. We can also install whole home surge arrestors the protect electrical equipment and appliances. Upgrade your level of safety and protection today.